Divorce Tactics to Win

Divorce Tactics to Win

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    If you are feeling POWERLESS in YOUR DIVORCE, Discover 7 POWERFUL STRATEGIES you can start implementing TODAY to TAKE CONTROL, SAVE $1,000′s and START WINNING! According to experts, Divorce in America is a $28 BILLION industry with the AVERAGE DIVORCE COSTING ALMOST $20,000!

    I know what you are going through… I have been through two insane divorces. In the process I lost BOTH of my homes and 3 kids! I paid "Extortion-like" legal fees in the amount of $86,490.47 for results that at times made it seem like my attorney worked for my ex. I spent hundreds of hours in anguish, lost way too many nights of sleep and shed untold thousands of tears just trying to be a parent. At times it seemed as though it could NOT GET ANY WORSE… and then IT WOULD! I know what a woman or a man can do to their ex in a divorce to maximize their success and to minimize their heartache, loss and feelings of failure!

    Since 1986, as a Divorce Coach with Bay Area Divorce Coach, I have helped THOUSANDS OF WOMEN AND MEN, MOM’S AND DAD’S, PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU AND ME, with all aspects of their divorce struggles. And the statistics on Divorce are STAGGERING! I found that THE SOONER IN THEIR DIVORCE OR PRE-DIVORCE THAT I WORKED WITH SOMEONE – THE BETTER THEIR OUTCOME! TIMING IS EVERYTHING.

    Right now you live in fear with so much at stake and so much to loose. You trust no one, and it’s crazy to think that all your friends and family, with all their good intentions (IF they already know about your divorce plans) are still powerless to give you the hard cold TRUTHS that you need the most right now! Their advice, although well intentioned, IS WAY TOO EMOTIONAL to be of any use! PLEASE give me just a few hours of your time, right now, and I PROMISE YOU I will give you VITAL DIRECTIONS and PROVEN TACTICS, that will help you SAVE YOUR KIDS, SAVE YOUR HOME, and help STEM THE TIDE on the FINACIAL BLEEDING I know you are suffering from.

    While the PRESSURE can seem insurmountable, and the prospects of a WIN/WIN Outcome bleak, I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR DIVORCE FROM THIS MOMENT ON. I understand your desires for this to all stop, for things to get better, and I can also tell you that if you CHOOSE NOT TO ACT, to take a wait and see approach to your divorce, secretly praying it will just get better or go away all on it’s own… YOU ARE MISTAKEN!

    IF you were hoping for some HARD HITTING, NO B/S, TRIED AND PROVEN DIVORCE TACTICS that have worked for others in their divorces, then you have come to the right place. Let me congratulate you on finding my book – "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN".

    I was not always smiling as in the picture of me above, but I can tell you if you read my book you will smile again soon! I promise.

    I pomise you are not alone. Wherever you are in your DIVORCE PROCESS, my book "DIVORCE TACTICS TO WIN" will be an invaluable tool that you will benefit from for the rest of your life.

    As it was my ex filed for divorce and it seems like he read this book BEFORE ME! One of the DIVORCE TACTICS in this book could have saved me OVER $4,000 in wasted legal fee’s…

    After reading Michael’s book Divorce Tactics To Win, I was able to reverse some of my ex’s tactics simply by knowing what…