Flu Virus Help , Flu Virus Diet, Flu Virus Prevention, Flu Virus Foods

Flu Virus Help , Flu Virus Diet, Flu Virus Prevention, Flu Virus Foods

The easy, effective and delicious way to help prevent and heal

Flu Virus Infections

What You Will Get In My Natural Immune System Diet Book

Healing Your Immune System, Flu Virus Help - Suffering from viral infections and conditions such as allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and others happens in large part because the immune system is not working as well as it could. To bring the immune system back to permanent health, eating the right foods for your unique system is essential. By themselves or in conjunction with therapies and treatments, foods are powerful, omnipresent healing tools.

Also foods are not neutral or harmless; as eating the wrong foods will depress your immune system and make problems worse, just as eating the right ones will help your immune system deal with challenges more effectively. Since eating is not optional, it therefore makes sense to have foods work in your favor.

Flu Virus Prevention Foods - A simple, natural, personally adjustable eating plan that will help you not feel deprived. The foods are inexpensive and available everywhere. When you begin eating the foods your body was designed for, your immune system and overall health have a much better chance to improve naturally.

Immune System Diet Recipes- Fulfilling recipes (over 100!) and meal plans. I used to be into gourmet cooking, and I have spent the past 20 years figuring out recipes that are healthy for your body''s immune system and taste good!

Immune System / Antivirus Diet Facts- A comprehensive explanation of how your body and its immune system react to foods and why "unnatural" diets achieve only temporary results. For instance concentrated sweeteners of any kind (sugar, honey, molasses, concentrated fruits like jams, juices, fructose, etc.), natural or man made, as well as all flour products (bread, pasta, etc.) greatly unbalance the body, create false appetites, depress your immune system and thus reduce your resistance to viral infection. Combining concentrated sweeteners with flour (cakes, cookies, nutrition bars, etc.) increases the negative effects ten fold. On the other hand, low starch vegetables (green beans, zucchini, celery, asparagus, broccoli, summer squash, bok choy, chard, etc.) are nature''s balancing / healing agents. They are also very high in antioxidants, "bio-available" nutrients, minerals, vitamins and are "living" foods. All of these factors are extremely important to promoting immune system health and helping heal illnesses.

Specific Immune System / Flu Virus Prevention Information - Information that will help you understand your body''s unique heritage and needs. Foods are more than just chemicals, nutrients and vitamins, they have other properties as well. The Natural Immune System Diet takes into account all aspects of food and its ability to combat infections and promote immune system health.

Immune System Poisons- Specific lists and information of toxic food additives that can totally throw off your body chemistry, negatively effect your immune system and help create illness. Many of my clients immediately lose their "toxic bloat" weight and generally feel better when they stop taking in these immune system poisons.

Good Digestion Promotes Immune System Health - Specific information on how to combine foods for easiest digestion. For instance, red meat is incompatible with other proteins, dairy, grains, most fruits and starches; it should be eaten only with low starch vegetables. Optimizing your digestion will not only make you feel better but it also releases more body energy for your immune system''s use.

Personalized Immune System / Flu Prevention Diet - Complete instructions on how to develop your own personal body feedback journal. This tool is very powerful and will enable you to understand what works for you and what does not. It will also help you discover a way of living that will improve your immune system efficiency, overall energy, digestion, sleep and sex life (the natural energy of the body is sexual, and healthy living promotes and releases it).

Immune System / Antivirus Diet Motivational Tools - Also you will get a lot of specific motivational tools and support from experts who have gone through this process. They will describe to you their own experiences and how they have helped thousands of clients move on to good health.

Other Techniques To Promote Immune System Health- And specific techniques and exercises that you can do anytime and anywhere to improve digestion and increase well being. I am a certified fitness instructor and I have designed personalized exercise programs for many people with a variety of health problems. The important point here is to be kind to yourself and start gradually. Because of my study of Chinese yoga (Qigong) and acupressure, I will show you specific massage, reflex points and other self healing techniques that will greatly help your progress.

The Immune System / Flu Prevention Diet Empowers You! - Finally, the great thing about all this information is that you can do it by yourself and it is also compatible with any other type of therapy / program / medication you are doing. I believe in self empowerment, and that is what this information is all about.

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