Low Sperm Count How Do I Make Healthy Sperm to Conceive??

Low Sperm Count  How Do I Make Healthy Sperm to Conceive??

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Low Sperm Count How Do I Make Healthy Sperm to Conceive??

Low Sperm Count How Do I Make Healthy Sperm to Conceive?

So often asked: I have low sperm count. How do I make healthy sperm to conceive a baby? here on Quips and Tips for Couples Coping With Infertility. While I cant offer specific medical advice, I can share a few tips for improving sperm count

My sperm count is very low. When I did the sperm test, it was 11 million per ml and the motility was 45%. What do I do to increase my sperm count, and should I stop going to the gym? What food will increase my count?

The first thing I always say is, talk to your fertility doctor or urologist about how to improve your sperm count, because it depends on the reason you have low sperm! My second tip below explains why its so important to talk to your doctor before trying different ways to make sperm healthy.

Knowing if you have low sperm count is important and home fertility tests like SpermCheck Fertility can be very helpful.

Here are a few tips for male fertility

Low Sperm Count and Making Healthy Sperm Check your sperm count take a sperm test

Many readers ask me how to improve fertility, and theyve never taken a sperm test! Maybe they have healthy sperm; maybe its just not making it to the egg. Or, maybe their timing isnt right because they havent tried an ovulation predictor kit. So, the first step to making healthy sperm is to take a sperm test.

Figure out why you have low sperm count

Some causes of low sperm or male infertility are genetic or inherited, and cant be fixed through fertility supplements, surgery, or fertility foods. So, the second tip for improving fertility is to learn why your sperm count is low. You cant fix what you dont know! Learn as much as you can about your body.

Learn about the causes of male infertility

Unhealthy sperm may be caused by environmental toxins, healthy issues, prescription medication, smoking, excessive bicycling, laptops on laps, hot tubs, evolution, and other unknown factors. If you have a serious health condition or you work with hazardous materials, your sperm may be affected. Again, the more you know about your body and its reaction to the environment, the better position youll be in to conceive a baby.

Talk to a urologist and a fertility doctor

Dont rely on infertility blogs or fertility websites for tips for improving sperm count and getting pregnant! There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, and things like fertility supplements can be harmful even if theyre natural or organic. Always, always, always talk to your doctor before taking advice about making healthy sperm.

That said, however, there are many healthy ways to possibly improve sperm count without taking herbal supplements or possibly compromising your healthy. Eating foods for fertility, timing intercourse with ovulation predictor kits, quitting smoking, and losing weight are good tips for getting pregnant for both men and women.

One of the best tips for low sperm count Brush and floss your teeth regularly

Untreated dental problems and poor dental hygiene may contribute to overall poor health. One research study found that men who received regular dental treatments and who took care of their teeth had improved sperm health, compared to men who didnt take care of their teeth. Since bacteriospermia (bacteria in semen) has been linked to male infertility, its important to floss and brush your teeth at least twice a day.

For fertility tips, read 4 Ways to Make Sperm Healthy.

What do you think? I welcome your thoughts or questions about low sperm count belowjust dont ask me for medical advice!

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You need to talk to a doctor to find out if you have low sperm

count, and how you can make your sperm healthy so you can conceive

a baby. Maybe you don’t have low sperm count — the only

way to find out is to take a sperm test at your doctor’s

office or at home, and talk to your doctor about remedies that

pls my low sperm may result as prolonged m****bation over 10

years but now i have quit the act. could this cause infertility and

is there a remedy for me. pls help.

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