TOP 10 Men's Health books

TOP 10 Men's Health books

Reviewed by: Carly

I thought "Belly Laughs" was truely hilarious, and like many others read it in one sitting. This book is the antithesis to the matronly and patronising What to Hope books.

Written by: Vicki Iovine
Reviewed by: miscellany78

The Girlfriends'' Guide to Gestation is a hard book to rate. Vicki Iovine''s honesty and sense of fun about gestation deserves highest ratings. If you find gestation hard for even a moment, "The Girlfriends'' Guide to Pregnancy" will be a awesome comfort to you.

Written by: Glade B. Curtis, Judith Schuler
Reviewed by: First-timer

This is my first gestation, so I had lots of questions. I went overboard on the books - I own 3.

Written by: Toni Weschler
Reviewed by: The Tank

After 7 years of trying and over $35000,. 00 out of pocket expenses to fertility doctors, my wife and I pretty much resigned to the fact we couldn''t make our own genetic kids. We then began the adoption from China workflow.

Written by: Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Reviewed by: Tim D. Soerens

This book is the terrible book any newly expecting woman can read. It is fear based to a degree that makes you wonder if Murkoff is intending to help you or to avoid a lawsuit. According to the book you are cursed if you do and if you don''t.

Written by: Ina May Gaskin
Reviewed by: A. Ross

One of the very few stipulations my wife made after we found out we were going to have a kid is that I read "Ina May''s Guide to Childbirth" by the doyenne of natural childbirth in the U.

Written by: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Dobbins
Reviewed by: Alex

This book has everything you need to know about all aspects of bodybuilding. It begins with general recommendation and training techniques for the beginner and ends with posing for bodybuilding competitions. The book is well organized, so it is very difficult to get lost.

Written by: Nora Ephron
Reviewed by: Cynthia K. Robertson

Nora EPHRon is witty, clever and has her finger on the heart rate of American women everywhere in her delightful book, I Feel Bad About My Neck: and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman. My only complaint is that at 137 pages (and small pages at that), it''s a rather lightweight book.

Written by: Mayo Clinic
Reviewed by: Julia

Back when kids were just daydreams, I recieved What to Hope When You''re Pregnant (3rd ed. ) from a expecting buddy who had an extra copy. Not knowing any better, I was quite pleased.

Once I became expecting and actually needed a guide, however, that changed.

Written by: Jillian Michaels, Mariska van Aalst
Reviewed by: Social Media Convert

Interesting book though far, far too much science in it for the average man (btw - I have a Master''s degree and a former college roommate is now a registered dietician so I''ve been around related books and forums and still found this difficult to follow).

Written by: Heidi Murkoff
Reviewed by: GadgetChick

I really hated What to Hope When You''re Pregnant. Hated it. So when a buddy gave me "What to Expect the First Year" as a gift when I was expecting, I kind of put it to the side, never pregnant to use it.

Well, I surprised myself.

Written by: Ann Louise Gittleman, Barry Sears
Reviewed by: Holly Wade

I purchased "The Fat Flush Plan", along with the cookbook, on Amazon a month ago and followed the nutrition plan plan closely for the first two weeks (i lost 13lbs. ) and loosely for another 7-10 days for a total weight loss of 27lbs.

Written by: A. Christine Harris
Reviewed by: Melinda Cannady

I Like This Book. When I first found out I was expecting I acquired the book: "what, to Hope When You Are Expecting",. I want I had acquired "The Pregnancy Journal" first. It is so much more useful and supportive.

Written by: Cynthia Sass, Liz Vaccariello
Reviewed by: Chandler

The visceral fat (belly fat) properties of Mufas have been featured on Dr. Oz. For a recap of the demonstrate go to the fan page called drozfans.

This recaps each demonstrate.

Written by: Chris Crowley, Henry S. Lodge
Reviewed by: C.J.

Of all the anti-aging books I''ve seen, this is one of most laid back and entertaining. It''s written by two guys. Harry, the physician, covers the science aspects of aging, while the other guy, Chris, talks about applying the information.

The book is centered around Harry''s Rules.

Written by: Christiane Northrup M.D.
Reviewed by: R Rheaume

This is the first major book to look at women''s health systematically from a holistic perspective. My sister, an Nd, gave this to me many years ago. I have referred to it many times since I first read it and my buddies always wish to borrow it.

It''s a awesome reference.

Written by: Barbara Luke, Tamara Eberlein
Reviewed by: Fred C.

When I learned I was expecting with twins, I looked to gestation books to help, but they approached twins as "a, little extra pregnant",. It wasn''t until "When You''re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads" that I began Actually knowing how to care for myself and my 2 kids.

Written by: Susan McCutcheon-Rosegg, Erick Ingraham, Robin Yoko Burningham, Robert A. Bradley
Reviewed by: Katrina D. Mukherjee

My first kid was born after we attended Lamaze classes. Nothing in that birth was as I ''planned'' and everything I did not wish to happen.

happened. I was an observer of a workflow that did not feel related to me.

Written by: Ian Davis
Reviewed by: A Customer

As a practicing Ob, I''m often struck at just how disengaged men can be when their wives are expecting. I''ve always encouraged my patients to have their husbands join them on meatings, and after over 10 years in practice, I''ve had mixed results.

Written by: Henci Goer, Rhonda Wheeler
Reviewed by: Kelly

This is the best book I''ve ever seen in regards to condensing current research on childbirth into readable and understandable terms. The author gives clear and concise descriptions of different Ob treatments and interventions that are simple to follow.

Written by: Lou Schuler, Cassandra Forsythe M.S., Alwyn Cosgrove
Reviewed by: swimmer45

Lift like a man, look like a Goddess says the book. But is it true? I believe it is, and "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" is right on the cash. It is cleanly divided into three parts.

Written by: Louann Brizendine
Reviewed by: David H. Peterzell

I actually, actually wanted to like that book. I''ve studied cognitive, perceptual and developmental neuroscience for 25+ years, and I''m also a clinical psychologist. I''ve been interested in gender differences for just as long.

Written by: Pam England, Rob Horowitz
Reviewed by: Kelly

This is, by far, the best book for getting ready a couple for labor and delivery. _birthing From Within_ takes a completely new method to childbirth preparation and focuses on what each personal woman and her partner need to do to prepare for Their own birth.

Written by: Chris Crowley, M.D., Henry S. Lodge, Gail Sheehy
Reviewed by: Retro Artist, Tina Schmidt

I read Dr. Lodges and Chris Crowley''s book and it changed me forever. I first saw these two authors on Cbn and then ordered the book, Younger Next Year for Women.

What I like about "Younger Next Year for Women" in terms of its style and reading is that it is balanced between Dr.

Written by: Marie F. Mongan, Lorne R. Campbell
Reviewed by: Marylynn B. Muller

It is now three days since I gave birth to my first child, a awesome 9lb girl. In my last few weeks of gestation I met a neighbor who insisted I read "HypnoBirthing" as soon as I could.

Written by: William Sears, Martha Sears
Reviewed by: A Customer

This book is for all the women out there who have ever felt some mild anxiety all the way to a wrenching fear about the childbirth workflow. Dr.

Written by: Datis Kharrazian
Reviewed by: Nenah Sylver

Datis Kharrazian has done some groundbreaking thinking, research, and writing. He excels in putting together some very complicated information, from a variety of disciplines, into a coherent protocol that addresses not only thyroid disorders, but all autoimmune problems.

Written by: Adam Campbell
Reviewed by: Luca Vincenzo

While "The Men''s Health Big Book of Exercises" is marketed as the end-all of training books that gives every workout you need along with sensible exercise and diet plans, it falls a bit short of that promise.

Written by: Lou Schuler, Alwyn Cosgrove
Reviewed by: H. Johnson

I''m a fifty year-old guy who''s long been more into cardio excercises than weights. Confident, I might do a half-hearted circuit on machines after jumping off a treadmill, but like many folks, I thought cardio excercises were tantamount to real workout.

Written by: Adam Campbell
Reviewed by: lb


Written by: Randine Lewis
Reviewed by: AJ

This book is a Must Read for anyone trying to get expecting. At 39 I had an Fsh of 15. 9 and was told by a fertility specialist to consider donor eggs or adoption - end of case no other settings.

Written by: Robert A. Bradley, Marjie Hathaway, Jay Hathaway, James Hathaway
Reviewed by: Laura O. Brokaw

I read about the Bradley Method of Natural childbirth during my early months of gestation, was intrigued, and purchased "Husband-Coached Childbirth". I actually found it helpful-- I got my husband to read it too.

Written by: Dani Rasmussen, Antoinette Perez
Reviewed by: M. Schreiber

There are so many reasons to like this gestation planner. To start with, it''s the ideal size (no huge album-sized book to lug around - it fits right into my purse). It''s also stylish - no goofy child charts - just easy and sophisticated.

Written by: Thomas Hill, Cader Books
Reviewed by: A Customer

It took me too long to finish "What to Expect When Your Wife Is Expanding".

because my wife kept stealing it since it was plenty more fun than any of her gestation books. However, I just finished this simple read, and I couldn''t help but advise this to fathers-to-be.

Written by: Suzanne Somers
Reviewed by: Chris Kutyna

I''ve always said to my Dr. , family &, buddies that one pill doesn''t fix all. They all thought I''d lost it.

My thinking is we are All personal humans with various Dna &, gene pools. How can 1 pill made in a lab, tested on menopausal women work for Everyone.

Written by: Geoff Neupert
Reviewed by: shawn m serra

Definitely a nice book. Simple and concise on the science behind how the organism operates. Nice pictures for the list of workouts.

As for the nutrition plan, I''d tell it is perhaps simpler than some of the other fad diets out there.

Written by: Sami S. David, Jill Blakeway
Reviewed by: Flag149

My husband and I tried for years to get expecting on our own without success. Finally, we turned to traditional (western) fertility procedures. I was diagnosed with high Fsh and my husband also had borderline low sperm count.

We were told we would likely never achieve gestation on our own.

Written by: Patrick C. Walsh, Janet Farrar Worthington
Reviewed by: Customer Formerly Known as Giordano Bruno

If you''ve already gotten a Psa score of four-plus, the utility of "Dr. Patrick Walsh''s Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer" will be to help you evaluate your therapy settings pragmatically.

Written by: Landrum B. Shettles, David M. Rorvik
Reviewed by: A H

What a well-written book. Reading Toni Weschler''s Taking Charge of Your Fertility before I read "How to Choose the Sex of Your Baby" helped in understanding the signs of fertility and proper charting of these signs.

Written by: Suzanne Somers, Michael Galitzer
Reviewed by: hts jr

It''s true, Suzanne Somers saved my life. Let me begin at the beginning.

First, I am 68 years old, no spring chicken but no dray horse ready to be put out to pasture or to sleep, either. On March 22, 2010, I weighed 267 pounds.

Written by: Donna Gates, Linda Schatz
Reviewed by: >/.<

It seems that in most situations that nonfiction authors are empowered by one of two things when creating their operates. Some feel that they have some sort of data that needs sharing, and use books as a way to get their word out.

Written by: Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin
Reviewed by: Scott Dinsmore

Why I Read this Book: Health is a constant area of study for me. These women have done the research and have a easy lifestyle that operates. I''ve suffered it.

Review:i know what you''re thinking.

Written by: Catherine Jones, Rose Ann Hudson
Reviewed by: N. Kevorkian

When you have a child you end up acquiring a million books and reading everything you can. When you have your second, as I just did, you only have time to read the most practical books.

Written by: Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Reviewed by: marriedfilingjointly

There is some awesome data in "What to Expect Before You''re Expecting". It''s an impressive starting point if you wish to get a jump on reading up about pre-conception health.

Written by: F. Cunningham, Kenneth Leveno, Steven Bloom, John Hauth, Dwight Rouse, Catherine Spong

The leading obstetrics reference for more than a century.

Written by: Mark Scholz M.D., Ralph Blum
Reviewed by: Mr. Fred

I''ll make my full disclosure at the end of this review, but for now, I''ll just tell that I did the best I could to read and review "Invasion of the Prostate Snatchers" on its own merits rather than my own thoughts and opinions.

Written by: Terry L. Wahls, Tom Nelson
Reviewed by: Jodi-Hummingbird

I was very unsure about this nutrition plan initially, as it seemed to clash so strongly with so many of the cool health and nutrition plan books I had been reading.

Written by: Lou Schuler, Jeff Volek, Michael Mejia, Andy Campbell
Reviewed by: "rrs343"

This book makes more sense than most. The macro-nutrients are not radically unbalanced in their food.

Written by: Luc Carl
Reviewed by: E. Bradley

I purchased The Drunk Nutrition plan mainly because I like rock-and-roll and I like memoirs. What I got was something more - a ton of awesome eating/lifestyle hints and the inspiration to change my habits for the better. Luc''s writing style is hilarious, intelligent and engaging.

Written by: Jeffry S Life
Reviewed by: Terry

The advice in "The Life Plan" regarding nutrition plan, diet, workout and stress management is valid and worthwhile, but readers must understand that Dr. Life acknowledges using and having used Human Growth Hormone. In short, readers are not going to achieve a physique like Dr.

Written by: Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
Reviewed by: Tara D.

Wow -- what a awesome book. I''m newly expecting and I actually wish to make confident I''m eating nice food for my child, especailly since I''m so nauseous all the time. I saw "What to Expect. Eating Well When You''re Expecting" in the bookstore and purchased it.

and am I glad I did.

Written by: Jennifer Jolan
Reviewed by: Cari H

With the state of the health care solution in the Usa and the way doctors just drug up people for everything, people need to be pro-active when it comes to their health.

Written by: Marla Heller
Reviewed by: DM

Well, I like "The DASH Diet Action Plan". The author does an impressive work describing why the Dash nutrition plan is useful, and does an even better work providing 28 days of a great, realistic nutrition plan.

Written by: Rich Bryda
Reviewed by: Marlon Graham

This is a awesome book. It''s totally various than other workout related books I''ve read. The general thing it gets into is that the key factor to getting larger and stronger is to train a way to make your Central Nervous Solution actually effective at giving nerve impulses to your muscles.

Written by: Abraham Morgentaler
Reviewed by: M. Philip Levy

Testosterone for Life is indeed helpful as other reviewers have pointed out, but the author simply omits key areas such as testosterone - estrogen balance and how that effects testosterone therapy strategies.

Written by: Nelson Vergel
Reviewed by: al benson

I have studied and studied problems concerning men''s health and fitness for over twenty years and have never seen in all that time, such an amazing compilation of clearly laid out data about Testosterone and its effect on men''s health.

Written by: Nate Green
Reviewed by: E. Le

Purchased "Built for Show" basing on Nate Green''s reputation, and was a bit skeptic due to the title.

particularly the hooking up part. I realize the marketing angle though, so I went ahead and purchased it for the training program alone. What I got was plenty more.

Written by: Eugene Shippen, William Fryer
Reviewed by: Ray

I purchased "The Testosterone Syndrome" basing on the glowing reviews I read here and in hopes of recapturing some of the zest and zing of my youth.

Written by: Stephanie S. Covington
Reviewed by: A Customer

For over 70 years 12 step programs have proved to be a highly successful means for recovery from a wide range of problems. But all 12 step programs are basing on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, an organization founded by men for men.

Written by: Daniel Lyon
Reviewed by: .

This book incorporates some traditional workouts, (such as pushups) into a cohesive whole, where the trainee doesn''t just do the workout out of the clear blue, but rather, gets into position from their original, (standing, in this case), position, in a carefully thought-out manner.

Written by: John R. Lee, Virginia Hopkins
Reviewed by: Armchair Interviews

In Dr. Lee''s final writing before his death in 2003, he collaborates with Virginia Hopkins on a book to give a simplistic method to hormone balance.

Written by: Penny Simkin, April Bolding, Ann Keppler, Janelle Durham, Janet Whalley
Reviewed by: Mel

While looking via gestation books, I got tired of reading about how you got a second line, got unhealthy, got fat, and squeezed out your bundle of joy.

Written by: Roy M. Wallack, Bill Katovsky
Reviewed by: Zorana Bakovic

This is one the best book I have read about biking, and I actually still read it almost every day, checking out various aspects related to cycling - health problems, diet advises, and in particular workouts and stretching before and after every ride.

Written by: Marshall H. Klaus, John H. Kennell, Phyllis H. Klaus
Reviewed by: "buhuiming"

I had originally tailored to purchase "the, Doula Book", (formerly Mothering the Mother), but found it to be outdated in both it''s writing style and the audience it addressed (the 70''s mother), despite the fact that it was recently updated.

Written by: Kevin C. Myers
Reviewed by: Grace Darby

I''ve been feeling dissatisfied with weight loss and nutrition plan books for a long time. They give me some formula for eating, I lose a bunch of weight, then a few months later it''s all back and it''s added some buddies. This book gets to the heart of weight loss.

Written by: Liz Vaccariello, D. Milton Stokes
Reviewed by: Anthony M. Henry

Open the book up to pages 8-9 and look at the smile on My face. That is me, Anthony Henry. I was one of the men who was part of the test panel. I was not paid to test the plan or to write this review.

Written by: Susan Albers PsyD
Reviewed by: Jason Greif

As a psychologist, I''m frequently on the lookout for books that can help the people I work with. Dr. Albers''s book is an impressive resource for people who are struggling with eating problems.

Written by: Joel Weber, Mike Zimmerman
Reviewed by: Kynn

Our grocery stores and restaurant menus are filled with so much bad food these days it can be quite difficult to eat healthily and stay fit. Further complicating the matter is a never-ending torrent of nutrition plan trends, leaving unsure as to which to follow.

Written by: Steven Lamm, Gerald Secor Couzens
Reviewed by: Charles

This book serves a helpful purpose by putting this message very much in the face of men: erections are produced by blood flow, if you wish better erections and enhanced sexual health, there are no shortcuts that bypass the need for better health.

Written by: Robert Kennedy, Tosca Reno
Reviewed by: Teeco Maloy

This book has worked wonders for me. Since beginning this lifestyle change (not actually a diet), I have already lost 23 pounds so far and am losing about 2 pounds per week. Of course I workout as well, but I had been exercising the same way before and was not losing weight.

Written by: David Zinczenko
Reviewed by: DianaJae

I am very pleased with "The New Abs Diet for Women". I''ve been on the Abs Nutrition plan for a couple of weeks now, and feel so much better because it is a _highly doable_ sensible eating plan with the most current data on how to fuel a organism to run productively and burn fat.

Written by: Aaron E. Katz
Reviewed by: E. Scott Geller

This powerful and straightforward thread of prostate health is a must read for every man over 45. Why, because a majority of these men will experience an enlarged, inflamed, or cancerous prostate, and "Dr.

Written by: Jonathan Ross
Reviewed by: P. Bair

At last - a book with real data for real people wanting real results. The biggest surprise is that you don''t have to be a 25-year old male hunk to get awesome results from "Abs Revealed". Even this 52-year old woman with chronic health issues is making noticeable progress.

Written by: Andrew Flach, Peter Field Peck
Reviewed by: John C. Frazer

I''m confused by the other reviews. One complains that the book doesn''t give the numbers of sets &, reps to do. Confident it does, starting on pp.

176 -- both repetition sets and timed sets, week by week as actually done in the Indoc course.

Written by: Selene Yeager, Men''s Health Editors of
Reviewed by: Peter Tsang

The general idea of "The Men''s Health Big Book of 15-Minute Workouts" is to work the organism in about 15 minutes. Here''s how you do it. You focus on a few key workouts and move rapidly from one workout to another, with mininal rest time between workouts.

Written by: Dara Torres, Billie Fitzpatraick
Reviewed by: Gary A. Close

I purchased "Gold Medal Fitness" even though I am a man and a senior citizen because I admire Dara Torres and also because I heard her talk about her method to dynamic stretching.

Written by: Jeff Csatari, Men''s Health Editors of
Reviewed by: drew

I am actually enjoying "Your Best Body at 40+", it has lots of nice common sense advice in an accessible format. This book is more than a bunch of workouts. In fact, if that is what you wish, you can find better books out there.

Written by: Christiane Northrup M.D.
Reviewed by: Linda Bourdelaise

The Wisdom of Menopause is The book on health for midlife women. Itcovers everything, not just gynecological concerns.

Written by: Stephen Harrod Buhner
Reviewed by: Dr. Glenn B. Gero

With every book on herbal treatment I''m able to learn something new.

Written by: Lee Myer
Reviewed by: Read-n-Write

I like the fact that somebody has taken the time to look into erectile diet, and a few suggestions seem quite worthwhile. Some however are downright counter-productive and bad advice. The general one is when the author lists soy as a must-have food for erectile issues.

Written by: Gerardo Hizon MD, Samantha Carnesecca
Reviewed by: Devyn


Written by: Michael Berg NSCA-CPT, Muscle & Fitness
Reviewed by: BMo

I am 20 years old 5''10 170lbs and I have been lifting for 7 years. This book gave me a whole new work out to switch things up and also a nutrition plan to get the most out of what I eat. When I acquired "101 Fat-Burning Workouts & Diet Strategies For Men" I weighed just under 150lbs.

Written by: Ben Greenfield
Reviewed by: James Andrews

Instead of beginning from the one skinny or buff perfect that dominates our cultural ideas of beauty, "Get-Fit Guy''s Guide to Achieving Your Ideal Body" takes a refreshing method. It recognizes that there are multiple organism kinds, and that everyone fits into one or a combination of these.

Written by: Donna J. Cornett
Reviewed by: Plato

I don''t know if I was a issue drinker or alcoholic. I don''t care - I''m not into labels. But I do know I wanted to drink less and become less dependent on alcohol.

And 7 Weeks helped me.

Written by: James H. Mchale, Chohwora Udu
Reviewed by: G Posey

Hardcore Circuit Training for Men is an impressive book for those looking for difficult hitting, intense excercises. One will never get bored with its dozen or so unique and challenging excercises. A number of the excercises were developed to be done external of the sport gym (e.

Written by: R. Louis Schultz, Marcelo Coutinho
Reviewed by: Johannes P. Van Vugt

Schultz''s work breaks via barriers. By treating a formerly taboo area in organism work--the male pelvis--he shows how the lack of attention to that area has only increased the tension that our culture has inculcated in men.

Written by: Jean M. Twenge Ph.D.
Reviewed by: Glass half full

This book is wonderful: not only an impressive read, it is informational, practical and comforting. I am the impatient woman "The Impatient Woman''s Guide to Getting Pregnant" describes - although very philosophical, relaxed and healthy, I don''t wish to mess around with seeing how things go.

Written by: Stephen Perrine, Adam Bornstein, Heather Hurlock, Men''s Health Editors
Reviewed by: Kynn

This book does a nice work describing the fundamentals of getting lean, healthy, and important. The Good:it will demonstrate you how to change what you eat, not how much you eat, and lose weight and feel better.

Written by: Barry W. McCarthy PhD, Michael E. Metz PhD
Reviewed by: Jason Lam

Well, timing is everything.

and isn''t always fair. Had I not just completed reading The Hardness Factor before picking up Coping With Erectile Dysfunction, I would perhaps have given "Coping with Erectile Dysfunction" highest ratings.

Written by: Paula Ford-Martin
Reviewed by: joe_r

This is my wife''s and my first gestation, with twins actually, and this is the best of three books we''ve read (so far). It''s an impressive first gestation book, with well organized sections, that follow the stages of gestation from beginning to birth.

Written by: Jenny Perry
Reviewed by: Atanas Banov

This can hardly be called a book, it''s about 50 pages long but there is plenty of whitespace there: two empty lines between paragraphs, random pictures pasted in the center (no text flow on the side of course, it''s trying to fluff the number of pages).

Written by: Tia Mowry
Reviewed by: DeeRob

I am 4. 5 months expecting and it''s the first book for expectant mothers that I read and liked cover to cover. It''s awesome for all pregnant/new mothers, but as a 30-something black woman reading a book by a 30-something black woman , I must tell it''s particularly refreshing.

Written by: Myatt Murphy
Reviewed by: John Morgenthaler

Awesome book. They tell us that testosterone is the hormone of aggression and the source of everything bad around the world. In reality, testosterone is a life-saving hormone that can change your life for the better, in ways you couldn''t even imagine.

Written by: Paul King
Reviewed by: Luisnoe

Before you take medicine for Erectile Dysfunction. Get your testosterone checked. Both men and women suffer a loss of libido as their testosterone levels drop.

Written by: Y.L. Wright
Reviewed by: Lesley Sullivan

After reading the remarkable book, Secrets About Bioidentical Hormones, I decided to read all of the books in the Bioidentical Hormones series by Y. Wright.

Bioidentical Hormones Made Simple is the second book.

Written by: Thomas Hale
Reviewed by: Jodi C.

This book arrived ever-so-quickly. I ordered the book late Thursday evening and found it waiting in my mailbox early Monday afternoon. I couldn''t have asked for speedier solution - in particular without paying for quickly shipping. Also, the book arrived in Perfect/mint desease.

Written by: Randy Rochester
Reviewed by: Josh W.

I was a bit skeptic initially, but I was at the end of the rope and had to do something quickly. That is where the guide came in. My performance has enhanced and my confidence has elevated to the level it used to be.

Written by: Trey Jones
Reviewed by: Terry Sebastian

I didn''t know the name of my issue, gynecomastia, until a few weeks ago when I''d had enough and decided I needed first to learn more about my issue and second to do something about it.

Written by: Lee Myer
Reviewed by: David A.

Author did a nice work giving summaries of different studies on how testosterone and different deseases relate. Examples like, Ed, diabetes, mortality, weight gain, mood, etc.

Written by: Dr. H. Ballentine Carter, Gerald Secor Couzens
Reviewed by: Steve Proctor

The prostate is a much-neglected organ among men. It is the source of awesome pleasure, and a important part of the reproductive solution. It is also a place where a awesome many men develop carcinoma.

The factors that contribute to health and condition in this gland are many.