Testimonials Jayne Rossman

Testimonials  Jayne Rossman

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I want to take this time to thank you for the truly life-changing help you have given me. Over 25 years I have gained another person’s worth of weight. I would fight stress with food and reward myself with food. I knew I was hurting myself, but did not know how to break the cycle.

Over the years, I have tried severely restricting calories, Atkins, Overeaters Anonymous, and Weight Watchers. I always felt like I was being punished and deprived.

I did not think I would learn anything new about nutrition, but you have consistently surprised me. I have learned about how food plays a part in my life for both physical and emotional sustenance. I am much more conscious of why I am eating, as well as how I feel when I eat. It is helping me make better choices.

Your gentle support and guidance has had a profound effect. I know now that daily exercise (my 2 mile walk) is vitally important for both my physical and emotional health. I thank you every day while getting my dose of fresh air, sunshine, and uninterrupted me-time.

You have helped me make life-changing choices. I appreciate your gentle guidance and support as I continue my journey towards a healthy lifestyle.

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