This method is really thin leg?

This method is really thin leg?

Every night before you sleep with the body will maintain leg unbend of 90 degrees, hold for 15-30 minutes long, thin, legs, and will be a beautiful leg is excuse me this kind of thin leg method have the effect?

This method is really effective.. But I suggest you in this way, a better. Every night before you sleep with the body will maintain leg unbend of 90 degrees, and then put the wall, leg leg unbend, is to make the body and wall into 90 degrees, so also can let a leg fully supported by the wall to let a leg, relax, it can make your leg muscles become soft, thin leg is more convenient. There is a little advice, I also feel very effective in use, is will quilt up. A certain height (I stack is about 20 to 30 centimeters high, you can add more), then go to bed, put on your feet, so the quilt folded can thin foot, I feel calf thighs are smaller (really very happy.) and when I go mountain climbing, night like this day, don\''t feel acid feet, never do is count of death. And so let back, shopping, let feet relax foot, also is very good method.

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This must adhere to have effect, or not. I used to have a bubble foot powder, there really thin legs in taobao, buy... Actually thin leg is really good, reduce weight, the most important is to insist on... I most thin, later when 80 jins now, eat, will begin 88 jins weight, very kinky. Remember to adhere to the building


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An Angle of 90 degrees, and keep lateral kick the longer the better. Each leg do 3 groups (10) in each group. Second, a water bottle each hand in body side, low side to side breathes out on the left, shifting across his left knee bends to the left, squat down. The repeat 10 feet. Third, hands and knees stick up, as far as possible, jaw. Two feet interactive each do 10 times. Four, the pillow in crus, sitting on the sofa bed (or), leg into 90 degrees. Slowly lift crus, keep 3 seconds. Repetitive 10-15 times. Fifth, to copy or FAX copy machine, to mention a foot into 90 degrees, again with another one foot tiptoe props up the body. Each foot do 10 times. Six, can use pills, without side effects that you can try the classic fitness capsule, pure green products, nor the weight rebound, you can go online search I wish you a speedy success reducing weight!

Simple exercise can stop the thigh coarsens, look together! 1. Sit in a chair, with ground feet unbend arm\''s length, tiptoe unbend, maintain this pose 5 seconds. 2 feet, tiptoe unbend upwards 90 degree Angle, heel, and leg abdomen muscle stretch, keep the five (5) seconds. 3 feet in the ankle, and can rotate strength of muscle taut calf stomach. 4 in the stairs with tiptoe touchdown, will also heel, can be very good to tighten the leg muscles. 5. Sit in a chair, hold out a bosom, maintain two legs crossed, tiptoe touchdown posture, above, below the legs hard down hard roof, the leg up about 10 seconds after doing so legs exchanged 10 seconds, 2-3 times. Do the action should not hold your breath. I know, you could milk next capsules on this for some online, face, abdomen, hip, leg, according to local effect reducing weight is very good. Your own choice. I wish you a speedy success!

Yeah, screaming thin leg is really rough patients with the Gospel, I sensed that a few days to have the effect very much, now is the favorite dress to show my leg