Colorado Dental Plan

Colorado Dental Plan

"In the first six months that I had AmeriPlan® I saved $225.00 using the dental benefits and $335.00 on my eye exam and glasses. Within another six months I had also saved another $221.00 on prescriptions."

Jen S. – Conifer, CO

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Ameriplan USA® Dental Plan

Availability: Nationwide
Dentists: 25,000
Monthly Membership Fee
Family: $19.95 per month
Annual Membership Fee
Family: $239.40 per year

Since 1992, Ameriplan USA® has been committed to building a quality network for all your dental care needs. We currently have more than 25,000 dentists and locations nationwide, and we add more every day. If you are looking for high-quality dentists and real savings, the AmeriPlan Dental Plan is the right choice!

And, because this is not insurance, there are no deductibles, no claim forms, and no annual limits to the benefits you can receive. Simply present the identification card and receive immediate savings at the time of service.

Plus, get 3 additional benefits added to your program for FREE!

Provider Search: After entering your location, a list of participating dentists within range of you will be displayed along with their dental service fee schedule and contact information. (For your convenience - search results will open in a new window)

Dental Sealants courtesy of

Looking for a fool-proof way to prevent cavities? Then sealants are a clear dental best buy! Despite how vigorously you brush your molars or how often you rinse with fluoride treatment, it is almost inevitable that plaque will build up in the deep grooves on the top of your large molars, leading to dental decay. A dental sealant is a thin plastic layer

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