Do I even have a shot at getting into Princeton?

Do I even have a shot at getting into Princeton?

I’m going into my senior year next year and I REALLY want to go to Princeton for engineering.
I’m white, female, and from a privileged background.

GPA: (unweighted) 4.0
AP classes:
- Language/Comp
- US History
- Lit
- Calc
- Physics
- Gov
Honors/Pre-AP Classes:
- 2 years English
- 1 year history
- 1 year chem
- 1 year bio

- Piano/Jazz Piano (12 years outside of school, 2 years in)
- Oboe (1 year)
- Honor Society (all years of HS)
- Key Club (all years of HS)
- Health Occupations Students of America (2 years)
- Founded/President of our HS Science Club (1 year)

- Masonic Lodge Most Outstanding Female Junior
- Varsity Letter in Community Service
- Varsity Letter in Band
- First Place in WA State Chemistry Competition
- Second Place in WA State Engineering Competition
- Washington Business Week

Community Service:
- Varsity Letter
- Hospital Volunteer (50 + hours)
- Accompanied junior high musicals on piano (60 + hours)
- Plasma/platelet donor (every 2 weeks for 3 hours)
- Church volunteer (70 + hours a summer)
- School volunteering (25 + per year)
- Public Library volunteer (100 hours)

SAT I Score: 2110
- CR: 660
- Math: 740
- Writing: 710

My personal thoughts are that my AP load is lacking, my clubs are too scattered, my SAT scores are too low, my awards are nothing special, and my background does nothing to help me get in. I feel that my GPA is good, as is my volunteer background.
We have the Jr. H/HS school system so that screwed up my club membership, and AP classes are EXTREMELY limited at my school…I’ve taken every possible AP except stats.
I’m planning on retaking the SAT; that was my first time since 7th grade. I am also going to take the ACT and 3 subject tests (chem/physics/math II).
I am a fairly good writer, in case that plays a role in determining my chances.
Any advice or predictions?

Well…privileged as in, my family makes a lot of money but wants me to our state U.
So it’s not super helpful haha.

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