Health Insurance - Part 46

Health Insurance - Part 46

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Obama Indicates Flexibility for Family Health Insurance

The latest snag in health care legislation – the “excise tax” – has been seen by opponents as an assault upon family health insurance, and specifically, on the middle class.

As a result, President Obama has taken a more proactive role in the negotiations for health care, and according to The New York Times, is willing to renegotiate family health insurance plans so as to “make this work for working families.”

The article sums up the dispute regarding the tax, and in particular addresses the powerful opposition that has been mounted by labor leaders and unions.

While the President reportedly views the tax as a major means of financing health care, labor leaders claim that many middle class men and women, some part of the union and some not, chose to enjoy better health insurance plans instead of raises and bonuses.

A tax on those plans, many of which are family health insurance plans, would impact the middle class disproportionately.

The unions favor a different tax upon the wealthy instead, one that is designed for couples making more than $1 million a year.

Unfortunately it isn’t clear whether this alternate tax would provide as much money, but with unions threatening to withdraw their support of the Democratic President, it’s likely that he’ll make some type of change to appease them. Full Post…

Cavalcade Of Risk – The New Year Edition

Welcome to the first Cavalcade of Risk in 2010.  There is a lot of great reading in this one; let’s start the party with something fresh and new… healthcare.

Jaan Sidorov of the Disease Management Care Blog writes about the merits of employer-sponsored wellness programs and his reasons for supporting the language of the Senate reform bill that would   allow more financial incentives for employees who participate in these programs.  Employee wellness programs have been criticized by some who see them as a loophole that will ultimately allow for different health insurance premiums for employees depending on health, but I agree with Jaan on this one, and feel that these programs will do more good than harm.  I believe that most people who are unhealthy because of lifestyle choices would prefer to be healthier, but lack the tools, knowledge, time, etc. to get th

Extension of COBRA Subsidy: More Time to Find Individual Health Insurance

According to the article “An Extended Subsidy for COBRA Health Coverage” by Kimberly Lankford on The Washington Post’s website, Congress has extended the COBRA Subsidy from 9 months to 15 months.  This is great news for those whose subsidy was coming to an end, still unemployed and worrying about finding affordable individual health insurance.

Last year’s stimulus package originally set up the COBRA subsidy for those who lost their job between 9/1/08 and 12/31/09.  It covered 65% of their COBRA health insurance premium for up to 9 months.  While this was extremely helpful to many, the 9 months is coming to an end for some and unemployment is still up.  With the

Boomers: Take a Long, Hard Look in Your Financial Mirror

I’m a card-carrying Baby Boomer, an offspring of the Greatest Generation. Our parents were remarkable. Their childhood experience was the Great Depression. They sacrificed their youth to march off and fight the most fearsome and devastating war the world had ever seen. They came back from the war and built the greatest nation and strongest economy on earth. Life was never about them; it was always about their work, their community and their kids.

My generation inherited the strongest economy in the world. Thus far, I don’t think we, Boomers, can be very proud of our stewardship of our economy. As an industry leader, business owner, father, grandfather and citizen, I am very concerned about our future. We kn

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