MV Healthcare Ltd.---Points to Remember(2)

MV Healthcare Ltd.---Points to Remember(2)
  • Q: What are you going to do in case the baby choked?
    A: Put the baby on my lap on his stomach and tap his back until the object comes out, if not call 911.

  • Q: What are the different cycles in a washing machine?
    A: First cycle is soak, then rinse and finally dryer.

  • Q: How do you operate a Microwave Oven?
    A: Put the food inside, plug the socket, set the timer on the desired time needed depending what you cook, then turn the power on.

  • Q: What''s the difference between the ordinary oven and microwave oven?
    A: Microwave oven speeds up the heating process.

  • Q: How much money are you going to bring to Canada?
    A: About $500.00 to $1,000.00 Canadian dollars.

  • Q: Is your hushband going to depend on your income?
    A: No, because he got his own job.

  • Q: How long do you intend to stay in Canada?
    A: I intend to settle in Canada for good, with my family someday.

  • Q: I''m sorry but you are over-qualified (applicable only to degree holder).
    A: I don''t think so maam/sir. I am a professional but I assure you that I am capable of doing all the household chores. Besides I have the experience in babysitting/elderly care and housekeeping.

Tips to consider during the interview:

  1. Greet the interviewer politely.
  2. Sit properly (relax and don''t cross your legs)
  3. Maintain eye to eye contact.
  4. Speak clearly to convince the officer that you can communicate in English well.
  5. Be consistent and truthful to your answers.
  6. Give direct answers and don''t stammer.
  7. Never, under any circumstances, ask for any interpreter.

The most important of all pointers is ---- Pray for strength and guidance from the Lord.

Please be informed of the following circumstances surrounding your present job contract:

  1. Basic pay per month
  2. Room and board deductions
  3. Net pay after Income tax deductions: $
  4. Basic duties includes childcare, elderly care and general housekeeping.