Brain anatomy and physiology Human anatomy organs

Brain anatomy and physiology  Human anatomy organs

Brain cancer tumors may originate in the brain (primary site) or they may metastasize to the brain from another site. Prostate cancer, for example, may metastasize to the liver, the lung, the hip, and then to the brain. Metastasized brain tumors have a poor prognosis because of the already advanced state of the cancer.

The human brain anatomy is complex system responsible for many body functions. Injury that causes damage, traumatic experiences, or brain tumors can greatly alter one’s life.

Cancerous tumors that form in the brain (primary) tend to stay within the brain and not branch out to other organs. Their growth can take up the space needed by the healthy brain and cause many conditions, including hearing loss and stroke. The ratio is about 50/50 regarding the occurrence of metastasized and primary brain tumors. The leading cause cancer related death in people in people younger than 35.

The most dangerous chemical in terms of causing this type of cancer is Vinyl Chloride. This is used ‘all over’ in plumbing, furniture, and house wares. This is presumed to be safe to use unless it is heated as in a microwave oven, which evaporates and drives the substance into the food being heated.

For this reason, always use glass or other microwave safe containers in the microwave oven. Don’t burn plastic such as plastic wrapping and containers in a bon fire or fireplace. The smoke can be ‘hazardous to your health’.

Typical Symptoms: Any impairment in hearing, sight, judgment, speech, cognitive skills such as reasoning or remembering, or stroke symptoms such as paralysis of one side of the body, inability to walk properly, can be symptomatic of a tumor in the brain.

The treatments are generally the same for other kinds of cancer and tumors. One innovative treatment is the use of the GLIADEL WAFER. These are packed into the space formerly occupied by the tumor and slowly release chemotherapy agents in order to destroy any cancer cells that may have not been removed. This has increased life expectancy for some kinds of brain tumors by fifty percent.

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