Is a job as a Dietition boring?

Is a job as a Dietition boring?

Is a job as a Dietition boring?

April 19th, 2010 Posted by admin 3 Comments

I would love to learn about nutrition and help people. However, I don’t want to be “bored” at my job; I love to be a busy and exciting atmosphere. Is there any jobs that dietitions have that are like that? Do you think I should major in something else?(I’m a freshman, and I haven’t picked a major yet..considering nutrition)

I don’t know..I like the idea of food service..but, I think that eating healthy is so important, and I wouldn’t feel right selling a product that I wouldn’t eat myself!

Any job can be boring, and any job can be the funnest thing in the world. If you love what you do, then it can never be boring

It can be very rewarding. The idea of people coming to you with serious weight issues and you are able to teach them how to eat better so they can lose that weight and regain their lives. Can it be boring??? Sure. Just make sure you enjoy what you do then it never becomes a problem. Not everyone will be a race car driver, astronaut or professional athlete – things that might be considered fun. Find what you enjoy.

By the way, as a dietician you will be spending the majority of your day working with fat people. On the other hand, you will help some of them shed the pounds and you’ll go home feeling awful good about the change in that persons life that you were able to facilitate.

The job of a dietician can never be boring.

Each human is different,and different foods suit different people.

Dieticians are not only concerned with fat people, but with extremely thin, underweight, people with different problems and healthy humans also, who are health conscious.

so , it is always a challenge to find out what kind of foods suit different humans.

Its a good option and all the best!!

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