Mental Health Counseling Degree Mental Health Counselors

Mental Health Counseling Degree  Mental Health Counselors

Mental Health Counseling Degree Mental Health Counselors

Mental Health Counseling Degree Mental Health Counselors

A substantial percentage of people suffer from mental health problems which has adverse social, political and economic impacts. Hence, there is a huge demand for mental health counselors. Mental Health Counseling Degree is essential for the people who practice.

-- Sponsored Links -- Mental health counseling is a broad term used to encompass general counseling field and one generally becomes a mental health counselor before specializing in a particular field. Mental health counseling programs offer rigorous curriculum that includes online course work, residencies and field experience which develops your theoretical knowledge and practical skills needed to treat mental and emotional disorders and promote optimum mental health.

Mental health counselors take a holistic approach, in that it examines a persons external environmental and societal influences, while also monitoring inner emotional, physical and behavioral health. Mental health counselors are an extremely valuable part of the healthcare system.

Mental health counselors work with individuals, groups and communities on a variety of mental health issues like aging, addiction, anger management, depression, marital problems, stress, self image, suicidal tendency etc. Often working with a group, they counsel individuals and their families dealing with drug or alcohol addictions. The counselor helps their clients prevent and rectify conflicts or problems. Mental health counselors strive to educate and support people in their own personal development.

Common work activities of mental health counselors include: risk assessment of clients, providing consistent care and treatment programs, help them take informed decisions and keeping accurate records of the clients.

In order to become a mental health counselor you need to obtain an MA, MS or MSW. Most are two-year masters degree programs. You will also need to complete an internship during school, working directly with people.

Although state licensing requirements vary, a period of supervised, post-graduate work experience is customary.

Mental health counseling is one such occupation where you get immense personal satisfaction and has great scope for career opportunities. There are many specializations in mental health counseling like addiction counseling, marriage and family counseling, education and career counseling , rehabilitation counseling etc. People who choose this specialization often pursue mental health counselor positions within institutional, community, and private practice settings. Further, most mental health counseling is recognized by health care insurance providers, driving the demand for more qualified professionals and the employment of mental health counselors is increasing rapidly. The salary/ income they get is also very handsome which is much better than many professions.

In view of the immense satisfaction it gives and the potential for career opportunities and the usefulness of the profession to the society the profession of mental health counselor is preferred by many people.

Due to the shortage of mental health counselors in relation to the numbers of persons suffering from mental and emotional problems, there is an urgent need to ensure that there is sufficient number of mental health counselors to meet the requirement. . Mental Health Counseling Degree could help you to become counselor.

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