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The New Year is almost here!!

Author: Dr. Mommy Health Tips // Category: Health and Nutrition

Wow, Im sorry I havent updated my blog recentlyits been a little crazy!!

Can you believe a New Year is right around the corner?? Have you made your resolutions yet?? How will you keep them this year??

My resolutions are ones that I make realistic so they are easy to maintain on a daily basis for instance I have resorted to eating healthy chocolate!!

I know, you may think that you are too, but not reallyyou see, the chocolate that is sold on the market today and any other day is heat processed. The most famous cholocatiers use a heat process to make their delicious chocolatesThe cocoa bean is extremely bitter, so a heat process is used to burn off the bitterness and sugars, waxes and fillers are then added to make the chocolate edible and sweet.

Xocais Healthy Chocolate is made totally different!!! Yes, it is made with rich, dark belgium chocolate but not heat processed!! Xocai uses a cold process that is exclusive to this company alone!!!

Because of this cold process the cocoa is unprocessed keeping all the nutrients within it and therefore having the highest antioxidants this cocoa is then combined with the acai berry and blue berries to make it the Ultimate Antioxidant Product on the market today!!!!

This is a first to market product, meaning no one else has it!!! MXI is only 2 years old and will grow very rapidly!!! Can you imagine the simplicity of sharing this delicious chocolate??

You dont have to train someone to enjoy chocolate, you basically now have to retrain them into accepting the fact that this chocolate is HEALTHY!!! It is just as delicious as any chocolate on the market but better!!!

Why not add Healthy Chocolate to your New Years Resolutions this year?? You wont be disappointed and you will lose weight, reduce your blood pressure, reduce cholesterol levels and not have to worry about sugars, because this is Diabetic Friendly as well.

Give the gift of health this year - Xocai Healthy Chocolate!!!

For more info visit my site:

Mark Salinas, MN - Healthy Living Today

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