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Exercise Articles For Kids

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exercise articles for kids

Raising a child with asthma

Here is the continuation of the article titled above.

I had mentioned change the child (and family''s diet for that matter) as a basis for a natural asthma treatment.

Obviously, I made a vegetarian diet in the first part and I''m aware that as a parent, you may ask, "where my son GROWING get protein from?"

There are more than enough protein in fruit and vegetables and documented information on the exact needs of proteins according to Dr. Stanley Burroughs is really weighing on the valuation of nickel per day.

Now the whole protein propaganda is another issue in itself, but for the growth of children should be more concerned about getting them vitamins and minerals appropriate.

Fortunately, these are more than abundant in fruits and vegetables, namely, bananas, dates, avocados, olives, cabbage, lettuce, Durian, Cocos young and even Apple are more than enough protein for growing children and even you.

Here are some other factors Quick consider and hopefully put you at ease:

1. It has been scientifically proven that breast milk is approximately 2% protein, now if this the ideal of a growing baby in the first three years, of course it shows the least need it.

2. 98% of the human population is greedy … This shows that carbohydrates are our main need contrary to popular belief.

3. Based on the book entitled John Robbins: Diet for a New America the number of people in the U.S. suffering from diseases caused by excess protein is an amazing 40, 000, 000 compared to a paltry 3 people suffer from a deficiency of this substance.

In the belief that the issue of diet has been adequate coverage, I will mention a few other factors that could help parenting a child with asthma.

To restore the fit to the child, may be submitted to gentle exercise like yoga. Most local YMCA and YWCA branches have classes designed specifically for children or you could look at Yoga studios we offer.

Alternatively, you can go to their favorite search engine just write up "Sol Greetings." They are the core of yoga and believe me when I say the execution of them is fun and you will reap the benefits of yoga for asthma and general fitness to do these simple exercises. Oh, and the kids love it. I read in India, where they originated, in fact waiting contests see who can do more.

For you as a parent, if you are interested, yoga, of course, can be useful for you to eliminate the basic tension and, of course, as an option for exercise.

When your child''s fitness has improved gradually in its discretion may re-enter other forms of exercise. But of course, love to play, so you should not be a problem.

Another simple steps to reduce the effect of asthma in their children''s lives are:

1. Avoid sudden temperature changes.
2. Dust mites are reduced ensure as far as possible at home
3. Use a humidifier during the cold season.
4. Keep fresh air circulating as much as possible at home.

It is my hope that these steps may be helpful in restoring of the respiratory health of your child. Of course, it is advisable in its sole discretion of parents with regard to these suggestions. But hopefully it would be very useful in to help educate children with asthma.

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