My mechanism of visualization in the Linden Technique

My mechanism of visualization in the Linden Technique

My mechanism of visualization in the Linden Technique

Hey Good Day!How you going today? Just wanted to touch base today on the mechanism of visualization in the Linden Technique, what we’ve got here is its painting an image in your mind of an experience that might be a positive or a negative.

For myself today i’ve identified that my work has lacked, I’ve lacked to have a drive myself if I want to move forward and what ive found is separation and whether the word anxiety or whether you’ve suffered a family separation you might understand what im saying but what im trying to allude to is the emotional impact of this times and half hour back to this times goes is actually got a core of how high is this to remove i called it as well, so the emotional impact of the early age or development years for myself is in the area of 40 years of age , that female figure in my life has effectively gone and i’ve felt this morning that i’ve continuing to try and try to find somebody to fill that void and it made me a little bit disappointed i suppose that something had happened in the last 24 hours but at the same time allowed me to realized was these other emotional triggers that is happening inside and i’ve been able to in effect to start look at reverse engineering or visualizing a more positive aspect associated to the different women that come through my life and look at more at the money and things, the good part, that i wanted to associated back to work ,so ive been successful in the work environment as well i’ve been able to do virtually that i’ve tried to achieve and i wanted to get back some of that energy back into, i’ve felt the emotional pain , not necessary emotional pain but i felt the intensity or pressure or live it at that!

Pressure and intensity in my mind so ive started putting some visualization around that release and i’ve found myself yawning, i’ve found i had some pressures in my legs or my legs felt heavy i don’t want to move and i felt lethargic so ive gone to visualization there and tried to look at while my eyes are closed . In effect associate or tried to find what or why i’m dragging my feet and how can i look at positively, for me i’m dragging myself because theres never in my life a female fear, i’m at work now and i’ve got to get energy going,like i say i remembered running around having a 100 employees, at 100 miles per hour and its go go go!Ive light a lot of money on those day, a lot of people would have said i was manic and its probably reasonable to say i was back at those days.

But now , because i’m consciously aware and i know the Linden Technique, its actually helped me to i called it “Get up and Go again a 100%,and its even given me the energy to wanted to do this voice recording and see whether we can explore together , different ways or different things. Yeah, so thats where i’m at. I hope thats helpful to you . See how you go and i’m really fascinated to hear some feedback, as i drive along in the car and trying to make the most of my time and that can be called management. Just trying to make the most of my time as i’ve sort of fight back or push back the half hour of what i call it the drag me down or upset me, depress me ,demotivated me and if you have some sort of symptoms maybe you want to look at the Linden Technique as well,

Alright!All the Best!I really, really care!All the Best from AG.

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