assistive devices - aids assistive devices hearing mobility wheelchair

assistive devices - aids assistive devices hearing mobility wheelchair

keenmobility.comKeen Mobilityqqbmedical.comDurable Medical Equipment/ WALKER & Stair Climbing Wheelchair...www.n-abler.orgTexas Assitive Deviceswww.sensorytools.comRobotron Sensory Toolswww.soundbytes.comCell phone amplifiers amplified phone assistive technology...www.soundclarity.comListening Devices from Sound Clarity, Inc. - The Assistive...www.up-lift.comUpliftwww.vasi.on.caVariety Ability Systems Incorporated (VASI)www.themotiongroup.comthe Motion Groupwww.pathwaysdg.comPathways Development Group, Inc. - delivering control and...www.heargreat.comHearingCare, Inc.

Keen Mobilitykeenmobility.comKeen Mobility develops, produces and distributes innovative, functional and attractive assistive devices that empower individuals by enhancing mobility, bringing greater independence and providing new opportunities.

Durable Medical Equipment/ WALKER & Stair Climbing Wheelchair...qqbmedical.comDurable Medical Equipment. QQB''s Durable Medical Equipment. The Stair Climbing Wheelchair and Walker are assistive devices designed for Accident,Stroke,M/S,Spina Bifida, COPD, Muscular Dystrophy,SCI clients and all others alike. Designed with Independence in mind. Please see our mission statement. Walkers,Wheelchairs & assistive devices by QQB

Texas Assitive Deviceswww.n-abler.orgTexas assistive devices, LLC, manufacturer of the N-Abler, developed from the Hayden Preston System, upper extremity prosthetic and orthotic components for persons with hand dysfunction and amputation.

Robotron Sensory Toolswww.sensorytools.comassistive devices for blind and vision-impaired people

Cell phone amplifiers amplified phone assistive technology...www.soundbytes.comCell phone amplifiers, signaling systems, hearing aids accessories and other hearing enhancement resources at Soundbytes. We service the deaf and hard of hearing community with TTY devices, ASL products and more.

Listening Devices from Sound Clarity, Inc. - The Assistive...www.soundclarity.comSound Clarity, Inc. - The assistive technology specialists. Providing assistive listening devices like hearing aids, amplified telephones, vibrating alarm clocks, and hearing protection products to people with hearing impairments.


Variety Ability Systems Incorporated (VASI)www.vasi.on.caManufacturer of assistive devices including powered-upper extremity prosthetics, orthotic standers, parapodiums and protective headware, toileting systems and seating components for children with physical disabilities.

Pathways Development Group, Inc. - delivering control and...www.pathwaysdg.comPDG designs and develops control and communications products enriching the lives of people with disabilities. Products include: Team Xtreme(TM)(pat pend) - Nintendo(R) approved, play NES(R), Super NES(R), N64(R); Smart Switches(TM) - portable controller for battery and switch operated devices; wireless Infrared remote interfaces, X-10(R) Infrared controller

HearingCare, Inc. Denver Colorado hearing aidswww.heargreat.commeta keywords here

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