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American Diabetes Association peddling nutritional nonsense while accepting money from manufacturer of candy and sodasThe American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently announced a three-year, multi-million dollar alliance with Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages (CSAB) to help combat obesity and diabetes in America by stressing the importance of making smart nutritional choices.

According to an ADA press release...General Mills takes leadership step in switching to whole grain breakfast cerealsTake a look at a box of whole grain Total breakfast cereal from General Mills. This is the company that has decided to switch all of their cereal products to whole-grain products. In terms of public health and nutrition, this is a very big deal.

First off, I''m impressed. I give a thumbs-up to General...Mass drugging of schoolchildren remains dark secret of public education, psychiatryBelieve it or not, until recently, it has been perfectly legal for schools to force schoolchildren to be put on psychoactive mind-altering drugs as a condition of attending that school. That is, the school administrator or counselor could insist that a certain child be dosed with mind-altering drugs...

Planning To Go For A Nutritional Supplemental Program? Get Your Colon Cleansed First By Jason Uvios It might be that you have been feeling a bit tired and fatigued all through the day. You can’t concentrate in your work and you always feel a bit uncomfortable. So you decide to go for a nutritional supplemental program. Although that may be a novel idea but at the end of the day you might be wasting your money on the program with little or no results to show for.When you are feeling tired it is normal that you go for nutritional supplements. But you have to understand that the problem might be somewhere else. Irregular and improper bowel movements can be a cause for unclean colons and this may lead to you feeling fatigued.Colon is the place where all the wastes in our body get accumulated. If these waste matters are not removed properly, then they tend to stay there, being impacted on the walls of the colon and produce toxins. These toxins get absorbed by the bloodstream near the colon and are circulated all over the body. As toxins are necessarily bad they cause all sort of problems — from headache to constipation. The waste matter in fact gets impacted on the walls of the intestine and form a hard mass which doesn’t get removed easily. As the matter settles on the walls of the intestine, it also severely hampers the body from absorbing nutrients from the digested food. It should be understood that whatever we eat passes through the digestive tract and is

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broken down into smaller particles of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins which are then normally absorbed by the bloodstreams close to the intestinal walls and distributed all through the body. This is how different parts of the body get energy. But when all the intestinal walls are clogged, such exchange is greatly diminished.The therapists who practice alternative medicine and are advocates of colon cleansing advice that regularly cleaning the colon by forcibly eliminating the waste matter inside one can ensure that these toxins do not get around. Further the walls of the intestine also become clean and there can be now free exchange of nutrients between the intestinal walls and the bloodstreams.So if you are planning to start a nutritional supplement program, first have your colon cleansed so that you can reap maximum benefits out of the program. Or else you might just be wasting your money.Jason Uvios Writes about on Planning to Go for a Nutritional Supplemental Program? Get Your Colon Cleansed First to visit :- colon cleanse, colon cleansing kits and cleansing your colon

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